Behind the Scenes of Twitter’s Massive Board Shake-Up

Twitter seems to have had an kindergarten of a board to deal with, but CEO Dick Costolo finally managed to streamline the board room December last year:

Here’s what happened, as we’ve confirmed from two very well-placed sources: The board was one of the many dysfunctional things Dick Costolo inherited when he took over as the company’s third CEO. Meetings were crammed with board member entourages and observers and that was leading to a substantial problem: Board room leaks. One source tells us that some attendees were openly texting from the meetings.

Costolo lost it and made a unilateral decision to kick all of the investors off the board– something I’ve heard of CEOs wanting to do before, but never actually pulling off.

Why on earth would they agree? He had leverage (…)

This is the first good and reassuring thing I’ve read about Dick Costolo. Hopefully, there is more to come after this.

Then again, there’s this.