Feminist Launches Kickstarter Project on Sexism in Videogames, Proven Right by Harassment and Abusive Replies

Anita Sarkeesian is known for analyzing pop culture and the pervasive unrealistic and stereotypical portrayals of women. She decided to make a Kickstarter project on women in videogames entitled Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. You might have expected some circlejerk male response to the project, but nothing like this.

First, there’s the verbal abuse in the literally thousands of comments for her Kickstarter video. Then there was the Wikipedia defacement, which meant that Google searches for her names revealed her to be a “feminist video blogger and cunt”.

In response to the vile reactions, people rallied around the project and donated over $125,000, twenty times the original funding goal. The retaliatory invective served to prove that there is a desperate need to address the rampant misogyny in pop culture, particularly in videogames, but basically in general public discourse—as is evident in politics, corporate business, and Western culture in general.

This is what happens, when misogynist and stereotypical portrayals of women stand unchallenged. As Sarkeesian says in her interview with Gamespot:

[Interviewer:] When people respond to your videos with questions like, “Why does this stuff matter? Aren’t TV, movies, and games just entertainment?” how do you respond?

[Sarkeesian:] (…) My short answer is to quote the poet Muriel Rukeyser, who wrote, “The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”