France Gains All the Upsides of the Olympics, While London Struggles

It seems the best way to benefit from the Olympics is to have a nearby country host it for you to pay all the expenses, while you cash in on the visitors. The people in the northern-most region of France in Pas-de-Calais decided to use the Olympics as an opportunity. The allure of Pas-de-Calais includes:

  • 57-minute transportation to London
  • €115M investments in local sporting facilities
  • Cheaper expenses
  • Similar, if not better, weather
  • No terrorism and security concerns
  • A tranquil and more natural environment

Pas-de-Calais have already been very successful in attracting athletic delegations, but the revenue and profit haven’t been disclosed yet.

At any rate, the people of Pas-de-Calais now have pristine sports facilities in the entire region, investments that will benefit the region regardless. And with none of the downsides associated with hosting the Olympics.