Louis C.K. on Fighting Ticket-Scalpers

So every time we’ve done that, the scalper starts yelling and cursing at us, and they say scalping’s not illegal, man. And we go, well, I know. We’re just beating you because it’s fun and we like to get our - that ticket now gets to go to a fan for $45. You know, we just saved somebody $200. So it’s fun. I like doing this.

And also, when I first announced the tour in the press, I told people you shouldn’t buy scalper tickets, because they may be deactivated by the time you get to the show because we have the power to do that. And that really hurt the scalper market a lot, just the perception that our tickets are not - may not be good.

How his team did it:

  1. They hired two former scalpers.
  2. They didn’t announce when the tickets went on sale.
  3. When they identified a scalper, they required that the credit card owner pick up the ticket in person and show the credit card.

Listen to the entire podcast or read the transcript—it’s great.