Do not at any point think that the lack of a comments system on the blog is from a dislike for engrossing conversation. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

There will be times when I am unable to respond to all e-mails, for which I apologize. I know some of you put copius amounts of time into writing your e-mails. I am, however, inclined to filter e-mails with generic and vapid titles subconsciously, as they along with e-mails fraught with spelling errors and wonky composition suggest that little or no effort—and enthusiasm—went into writing them.

This does not mean that brevity does not have its merits; just know that there is always a time for succinctness and never one for verbosity.

You can reach me at contact@... and @pessimism on Twitter. Better to use my personal Twitter account than what is basically an announcement profile.