That caught your attention, eh? Unless you get picked up by Fusion Ads or The Deck, keeping a blog cost-neutral (and good-looking) is a difficult task. As a flailing attempt to outweigh the costs of hosting the site, I have set up the following measures for the convenience of you and me:

  1. An Amazon store with an assortment of items I fully endorse and already own (albeit in Region 2 format, whereas the store assortment is Region 1 with all the caveats that follow). This also saves me the time of mentioning and recommending the products elsewhere on the blog. has been set up as a shorturl.

  2. Occasional Amazon Affiliate links incorporated completely inconspicuously in the posts in a way that does not disrupt your experience at all. No additional advertisements will show; I merely apply the affiliate suffix to Amazon links I would have mentioned anyway. I will not link to Amazon products, just because I can make money from it—better to have a lot of satisfied users who click a few referral links than a handful of disgruntled visitors who visit a cornucopia of them.

  3. An affiliate link for to be used in general when you shop. If there is something you are going to buy no matter what, please do so through my affiliate link to show your support. The link can be difficult to remember, so has been set up as an alternative. You can also drag the tab with the Amazon Affiliate link to be used as a bookmarklet in the future.

All of these links have a rel="payment" attribute or. You can highlight, hide or alter these links that keep this site and my incentive to contribute to it alive by including an a[rel~="payment"] rule in a custom CSS template to be used on this site or globally. Affected Amazon links displayed in the #content container may impair your reading experience, but you can target them separetely with #content a[href*="modman-20"]. If you have any suggestions or feedback, such as whether my measures still disrupt your experience inadvertently, please do contact me.

At the moment, there are no image ads on the site, which may or may not continue to be the case, depending on how good you are at using the affiliate services at your disposition, and to which extent I am able to optimize the blog.